DIY Fruit Smoothie Recipes. ✨🍓🍏🍒🍑🍍

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! Welcome back, and for this week’s post, I decided I would show you how to make some delicious fruit smoothies. So without further ado, let’s get started 🙂

**make these recipes dairy-free using soy or almond dairy-alternative products.

Mixed-Berry Smoothie 🙂

– 1 cup of assorted frozen berries

– 1 1/2 cups of milk

-1 cup of whole-milk yogurt

-1/4 of strawberry yogurt

Strawberry Banana Smoothie 🙂

-1 cup of frozen strawberries 🍓

-1 1/2 cups of milk

-1 cup of whole-milk yogurt

-1/4 cup of banana yogurt

-1/4 cup of strawberry yogurt

-half of a banana 🙂

Wild-berry Smoothie

-1 cup of frozen assorted berries

-1 full banana

-1 cup of cran-grape juice

-1 cup of whole-milk yogurt

-1/4 cup of strawberry yogurt

Raspberry Smoothie 🙂

-1 cup of frozen raspberries

-1/4 cup of strawberry yogurt

-1/2 cup of milk

-a squeeze of lemon 🍋

*NOTE- It’s a good idea to put the liquid at the bottom so the blender doesn’t clog!*

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Morgan ✨✨✨

The Art of Studying + School-Work Tips and Tricks! ✨✨🌿

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! Welcome back, and for this week’s marvelous post I decided I would share some helpful study life hacks, tips, etc. Now, without further ado, let’s get started!


This is key to studying because it helps keep a clear mind set and makes you feel in control and not stressed. What I mean by this is keeping track of all the tests and quizzes you have to study for by making lists. Make it fun as well! Draw some doodles, write it in hand lettering, basically whatever floats your boat. Remember to also work in a clean space that is sure to not to distract you. Preferably somewhere calm, maybe even outside.

2. R e s o u r c e s.

Here are some of my favorite apps, websites, etc. to help bolster your test knowledge 🙂


This is a website + app made by the one and only Duolingo! On it you can make your own flash cards and study ones other people have made! You can take practice quizzes on them and there are individual lessons that help you learn the cards! There is a variety of settings where you can just study the front or back of the cards and not do the typing part. If you have any questions feel free to comment them below!


Quizlet is a super helpful site where, similar to tinycards, you can make flash cards to study, but there are many cool features and different games you can play to learn the information which makes it fun 🙂


I know a lot of schools use google to help with class work but the different options you have can be super helpful, for example using google forms to make practice quizzes! Google docs is also great for making to-do lists!

Paper and a Pencil

Sometimes the best way to learn is one of the simplest! You can make yourself study spread sheets and other fun projects to almost connect exhilarating art projects to your homework to make it more interesting 🙂 Also, remember to use the internet as a resource and gather knowledge to avail yourself of a fresh study guide! Doing the research can also help you learn more about the topic than you had already known before!

3. Procrastination

Here is the main helping point on helping how to get past “I’ll do it later.”

Put away distractions (!!)

Making sure any devices other than the ones you are using to help study are put away, and like I said before, find a space where there is nothing to pull you away from your work. Make sure to make the work first priority and get everything done early so you don’t have to worry about it later.

4. Stressed?

Work can be hard, and you have to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can swallow, so here is some ways to relieve some stress.

Take breaks.

By this I mean before you start any work, take some deep breaths, go for a jog around the house, have a quick snack, or take a mental break. If you are tense while starting work you are more likely to feel pressured. Something I like to do is use the app. They have a selection of de-stressing activities; the ones I like to use are the college ones because one of them is a 3 minute study break which I find very relaxing.

Time Management

When you become good at managing your time it helps take a burden off your shoulders because it makes sure that you aren’t doing all your work at one time. I would suggest making schedules and lists of when each thing should get done, and make sure to keep an eye on future work coming up so you don’t not have something done.

5. Note-Taking Techniques 🙂


Over the years, these have been my saviors for taking some sudden class notes :,) I love using these to take notes, and place them on my binders and notebooks! Also, if you are more of an online note taker there is a sticky-note app from Post It where you can make your sticky notes and put them into boards and other cool stuff!


I would suggest keeping around one extra notebook for putting sticky notes in, writing down homework, and writing class notes! Make it something you can just pull out in case of need so you can write down quickly and get back to class! Sometimes the day before a test, I will make myself a mini study sheet in class while taking notes. Also, remember these are just suggestions so you don’t have to stress if something isn’t really up your alley.

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5 Ways to Make Money 💵

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! For this week’s post, I decided to show you guys some ways to make some cash. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Make a business out of what you are good at! ✨

For example, if you are very crafty, try having a craft sale, or if you like soccer, try holding a small soccer clinic at a nearby park 🙂

2. Lemonade Stand 🍋

It may seem classic, but on a hot day, it may seem like a life saver!

3. Invest!

Put some of your money aside to invest! There are a number of apps that you can use to invest, but I use the app “Stash” and with a parents’ permission, you can set up a custodial account, which means your parents set it up for you. Investing has never been easier! 💖

4. Get your hands dirty 💦

Do the dirty work that no one wants to do like weeding gardens, washing cars, cleaning rooms, etc. to earn some extra cash! 💸

5. Parent’s helper 🙂

Help the parents out a bit! Babysit or if you aren’t old enough to do that yet, help the parents entertain their kids when doing work at home, etc. to get some money 💰

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3 DIY mason jar crafts 🎨

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! We haven’t done anything craft related lately, so I thought this would be perfect for this week’s post! Without further ado…

1. Snack Jars

This is a super cute and easy way to pack a yummy lunch to go to school, work, or just traveling around! Click here to learn how to make it 🙂

2. Lollipop Bouquet 🍭

I thought this craft would be super cute to give to a friend for a birthday, holiday, etc.! Hope you like it 🙂 Click here to learn how to make it!

3. Mug Cake in a jar 🍰

Cake, anyone? This craft is a perfect gift for the baking lover, and super cute too!

Click here to learn how to make it 🙂

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Would you rather be in 108°F weather in tons of layers of clothes or -2°F weather in a tank top and shorts?

I’d go for the first one 🙂

Thanks again guys!

Signed, Morgan 💕

5 DIY crafts to make for your friend’s b-day :)

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! Today I’m going to show you some super cute things you can DIY for your friend’s birthday ( or another exciting event! ). I know there is a lot of birthdays this time of year, so I thought this would be the perfect post for today! Without further ado, let’s get started!!!

Candy Card

-The things you need are-

  • A bunch of different kinds of candy bars (more specified in text)
  • Poster board (white)
  • Tape

Start by writing your message (you can make up your own or look for one on Pinterest or online). Whenever you come to a word that sounds similar to a candy’s name, tape it down next to the word. Keep going until you are happy with your message 🙂

2. Locker Candy 🍭

-The things you need are-

– Sticky Notes

– Candies

– Tape

This is super easy and sure to put a smile on your friend’s face. Put sticky notes on the candy saying something related to the candy that also relates to you and your friend. For example: Write “I love you to pieces” on a sticky note and tape it to some Reese’s pieces. Tape these in your friend’s locker and it will be sure to make her Snicker(s) 😆

3. Mini Survival Kit

-The things you need are-

– Travel size essentials ( Such as bandaids, deodorant, snacks, etc.)

– Bento box ( Or another type of container)

– Paper

– Markers

– Tape

– Scissors

First things first, fill the bento box with all your essentials (be sure to pick out essentials that you know your friend will love!). Next, cut the paper to size and write “Emergency Kit” on it with the markers. Tape that on the front. Cut another piece of paper to size and write what items are in the kit and why they are important. Be sure to include a nice note too!

4. Friends Canvas

-The things you need are-

– Rainbow colored crayons

– A hair dryer

– A black permanent marker

– Pictures of you and your friend

– A hot glue gun

– A white canvas

First, hot glue the crayons across the canvas diagonally in a rainbow pattern. Use the hair dryer to melt the crayons and if you’re happy with what they look like, let them dry. After it is done drying, hot glue the pictures over the crayons (diagonally) so you can’t see them anymore. Finally, write, “Some friends are just worth melting for” right above the pictures (again, diagonally).

5. Open when… cards ♥️

-The things you need are-

– Paper

– Envelopes

– Markers

– Pens

– Pencils

– Colored Pencils

First, write some notes for your friend to open in the future like “open when you turn 16” or “open when you can’t sleep”. Then, seal them in cute decorated envelopes!

I hope you guys liked this post, and stay tuned for next week’s post on Friday @5!

Signed, Morgan ✨

5 Winter-Themed Crafts :)

Hey guys!! Kicking off the winter season here with some super-fun crafts! Without further ado, let’s get started!!

1. Mason jar snow globe 

The things you’ll need are: A Mason Jar, An action figure (or another type of figurine), a glue gun (with parent approval) baby oil, water and glitter.

First, Take the Mason jar and un-screw the lid. Take the lid and use the glue gun to glue the figurine to the bottom side of the lid. Let the glue dry. Next, take the bottom of the Mason jar and fill it with baby oil, water and glitter. Then, screw the lid back on and flip the jar upside down. Enjoy your new snow globe!!

I love this one from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!

2. Cookie Cans 

The things you’ll need are: A Pringles can, scrapbook paper, tape and ribbon.

First, take the Pringles can and cover it with the scrapbook paper. Then tape it so the paper holds in place. Then wrap the ribbon around the can and tie it in a bow. Now you have a cute can to hold cookies and treats that you are giving as a gift!

PS. The person you give it to will love it!!


3. Glitter Pinecones

The things you’ll need are: Spray adhesive, spray paint (optional, plus, you should get the spray paint the same color you get the glitter) , glitter (in whatever color you want!) and pinecones (I usually collect mine from a park near my house, but you can also get them at a craft store.)

First, spray the pinecones with the spray paint (again, optional). Next, spray them with the spray adhesive and dump the glitter all over the pinecones (Try to get in between the bristles!) Now you have some cute sparkly pinecones!


4. Ping-Pong Ball Lights (Snowball Lights) 

The things you’ll need are: White Christmas lights, ping-pong balls and some sort of knife (parent supervision advised).

First, take the ping-pong balls and cut a small hole in the bottom of them with the knife so you can put the lights in. Then, poke each light through a hole in one of the ping-pong balls and then you are done! 

These aren’t really winter-themed, so I made up my own name for them, snowball lights!


5. Woodland Candle

The things you’ll need are: A candle, some sticks, a rubber band and some twine.

First, take the sticks and cut them down to size so they fit onto the candle. Next, put the rubber band around the sticks to hold them in place sticks on the circumference of the candle. Then tie a bow with the twine around the candle, Then you are done!!!


I hope you guys enjoyed my post today and if you have any suggestions for me, please email me! See you next time!

Signed, Morgan