4 DIY Notebooks For Back to SchoolʉϬ.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Below I will leave all the paint color names and where I got them while leaving some tips and other notes as well!

Comment any questions you may have about making these below! I’ll try to answer all of them 🙂


– Even if your notebook doesn’t come out the way you wanted it to (I remade mine the first time because I didn’t like how they came out,) keep trying and improvise on what you think would look good. Use your creativity and have fun with it no matter what!

– Be patient. Make sure you let each layer dry after painting it because it could smudge if you don’t wait long enough. Be aware that it may take multiple layers to cover up everything behind it (the sunflowers took me about 4 layers each)

– Make sure to properly cover your notebooks by putting tape on the side and putting a plastic bag over everything put the cover of your notebook. The first time I tried this, I got paint all over the insides of the notebooks and so I was forced to buy new ones.

Spongebob Notebook Items Needed

*note- you can also just tape, cover, and spray paint the notebook instead of painting it by hand, or just find a notebook with the color background you need*

– a notebook

– One Large paint brush

– Shades of Blue (I used Cornflower and Robin’s Egg from Target; for a third color I mixed them together in the middle)

– Bright Colors for the sky flowers (I used Purple and Fuchsia mixed together, Light Yellow, Leaf Green, Cornflower *on the lighter part of the background,* Goldenrod, and Purple)

– Something to trace out the flower designs that will not show up with paint over (I used a wax chalk pen thing) *optional*

– Q-Tips (or a small paint brush)

One thing to be aware of with this is that on the flowers when using Q-tips to dot around your outlines, they may show up a little bit smudged, so make sure to add multiple layers and even go around the inside and out with the background color (the color behind the painted flower) to make the lines look clean and even.

Sunflower Notebook Items Needed

*tip- use your brush to blend the shades of yellow, orange and white together*

– A solid background color paint (I used a forest green but you could also do blac, pink, or really any other color that looks good with a sunflower)

– A darker Yellow paint (I used the shade of Goldenrod found at Target)

– Orange paint (for shading)

– White Paint (for highlights)

– Permanent marker of some type to write your initial(s) or a quote! You can basically write whatever fits (or nothing at all!) *OPTIONAL*

Chalkboard Paint Notebook

*Tip- after spray painting and letting it dry, take white chalk and rub it all over the surface and blend it in so you can’t see everything you write faded still after erasing*

– Chalkboard Spray Paint (or chalkboard paint if you want to paint it by hand)

– a notebook

– Chalk (It can be chalk pens, regular chalk, or chalk makers too *I used chalk makers*)

(You can letter, draw or write whatever you want on it after the paint dries!)

Avengers Comic Strip Notebook

– a notebook

– A comic book page of your choice (you can print one offline or you can also do this with magazine cut outs and make a collage as well)

– Packing tape (to seal off the paper once placed on the notebook)

– Washi Tape (I didn’t end up using this but could add a nice touch to your notebook) *OPTIONAL*

Want to gain Instagram Followers? Here’s how, according to @dreamlightslimes ✨✨

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! I interviewed 6 people who have amassed large amounts of followers about how they did so, and over the next couple weeks I will be sharing them with you. 🙂 Today, I will be showing you @dreamlightslimes’s (aka. Lexi) marvelous answers! So without further ado, let’s get started 🙂


Q: What was a your main motivation for starting your account?

Lexi’s Answer: My main motive for starting my account was because I found slime and the slime community to generally be interesting! It always seemed to show up on my explore page and I thought it would be cool to make my own account and see where it would go!

Q: What did you do that helped you gain followers?

Lexi’s Answer: For me, I gained followers pretty quickly. I’m not sure exactly why or how, but I think it had to do with my interesting and intriguing videos. I made sure to think outside of the box and make other videos besides your generic “8oz slime container film”. Some examples of these are “How to make a slime cake!” And “Balloon popping slime videos!” I believe that made a big difference to what people thought of my account. I also remembered to have a consistent posting schedule, and to never miss a day in between! Be aware, gaining followers can take time, so always keep a positive attitude!

Q: What advice would you give to the reader about starting a successful page?

Lexi’s Answer: Advice I would give to start a successful page would really be to interact with your followers. It may seems silly, but it makes people’s days when they see a sweet message sent through DM to them, or even something so small as to liking or commenting on their recent post! Another strategy I would try would be to create unique content that overall makes you feel great. Don’t just copy what other people’s posts look like just to “fit in.” Most people would rather follow someone who has super cool and different content rather than someone’s who is the same as everyone else’s!

Q: What is your favorite part about having your own community on Instagram?

Lexi’s Answer: My favorite part about having my own community on Instagram is that every time I get on to my account, I see all these incredibly successful pages and it fills me with joy to know that we are all one big happy family, and we work together to create such a positive community!

Thank you for reading, and first of all, a big thank you to @dreamlightslimes for these amazingly written answers! Remember to go give her a follow and wish her a happy, late birthday because it was yesterday 🙂

Bye 👋🏼


Morgan ✨✨