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Morgan’s Week of Valentine’s Day Fun Book Review: Macarons at Midnight

Hi Guys! Today I will be reviewing a book by: Suzanne Nelson, “Macarons at Midnight.” I would give this book a five out of 5 stars because this book is pretty amazing! It is a perfect book for Valentine’s Day, plus it’s a fun and crazy book that will make you want to keep reading.

But that’s not all, this book is part of the “Wish” series. Suzanne Nelson doesn’t write all the books in this series. There are different authors for different books, which I think is pretty cool.

Now back to “Macarons at Midnight.” The book is about a girl named Lise Santos, who one night, stumbles into a bakery during a midnight taste test. She sits down and she meets the guy of her dreams. Once she has to go, she never got to ask him his name. She tries to find out who he is, but once she finds out, she doesn’t get along with him as well as the night at the bakery. She started getting really confused. Wasn’t this supposed to be her happily ever after? This book is a lot like Cinderella, but without the shoe. If you want to find out what happens you should really try reading this book.


I hope you liked my Valentine’s Day book review and If you would like me to review a book, then send me an email and will get reading right away! Stay tuned for tomorrow because it is day 2 of my Valentine’s Day week!

Signed, Morgan


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Bodacious Book Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events by: Lemony Snicket

Hi guys! Today we will be reviewing “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” by Lemony Snicket.


I  give this series a five out of five-star rating because it has buckets full of adventure and excitement, and the way the book was written is just so good that it makes you want to keep reading. This book is very good for kids in grade four and up because it can help you expand your vocabulary. Lemony Snicket (Also known as Daniel Handler) always uses confusing phrases and words and tells you what they mean after the phrase or word appears.

This book series is about three children named Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. They live in a mansion with their mother and father, until one day when they go to the beach and a friend of their parents brings dreadful news. He tells them, ‘Your parents have perished in a fire that destroyed your whole house.’ This is the first of the unfortunate events that start to happen.

Let me tell you a bit about the three main characters. Violet the eldest, is good at making inventions and invents lots of things in all the books to help the three siblings. Klaus the only boy and middle child, loves to read and remembers everything he’s ever read. Last but not least is Sunny, an infant, who has an interest in biting things and in the future likes to cook things. I think the characters make the story exciting.

One thing to note some people may not like this book because it does have depressing parts but is mostly a suspenseful mystery.

THE FINAL WORD: This book has the Morgan seal of approval and I hope you enjoy reading it! Signed , Morgan.