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DIY Spider Donuts πŸ©

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! Guess what… It’s another Morgaween post coming at you! This one is about a super fun and easy dessert that will kick off any halloween party, or Netflix binging session πŸ˜‰ So without further ado, let’s get started! 🀩

Click here for where I found it!

*note- I’ve tried this before and looks super cute but I forgot to take pictures last year so I’m going to do someone else’s version!*

S P I D E R D O N U T S . ✨✨


– store bought donuts (or you can make your own!)

– pretzel sticks πŸ₯¨

– candy eyes πŸ‘€

– chocolate chips 🍫

directions! ❀

1. Take out all your donuts :,)

2. Pour all of the chocolate chips into a microwave save bowl and throw them in the microwave in 15 sec increments until the chocolate has completely melted

3. Take your pretzels and dip them in the chocolate 🍫

4. Let the chocolate sit until it has hardened

5. Once the chocolate has hardened onto the pretzels, stick four into each side of the “spider”

6. With the extra chocolate, take 2 or more candy eyes and stick the back side into the chocolate

7. Place them on the top of the spider to make its eyes πŸ‘€

Then…. TADA! You are done! To add a finishing touch, add some sprinkles on top!

E N J O Y. πŸ‚

Thanks for reading and if you have any ideas for any other blog posts I should do, leave a comment down below! Thanks again guys! Bye πŸ‘‹

Signed, Morgan :,)


I always loved writing so that's why I decided to make a blog. When I'm not flipping at gymnastics you can find me typing on my blog or whipping up some baked goods. Hope you stay in touch with my blog and you can join me for all the fun posts! :)

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