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-M I N I quiz- What kind of boat are you?

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! So this week, I thought I would do a fun, summery quiz 😉 So, here I am doing this super charming quiz!

Without further ado, let’s get started! ♥

NoTeS- There are 5 questions. Once you finish the quiz, check to see what letter you answered the most of 😉 Have fun!

1.  Which 3 traits sound most like you?

a. easy-going, organized, speedy

b. powerful, fast, courageous 

c. relaxed, fun, lively

2. Which sea creature do you like the most?

a. stingray

b. shark

c. dolphin

3.  You got tickets to go to the movies! Which one of these shows would you interested in seeing?

a. The Lion King

b. Star Wars

c. Zootopia

4. You’ve arrived at sleepaway camp! What do you do first?

a.  Go with your friends down to the lake to kayak ♥

b. Zipline over the lake! 

c. Cook s’mores! Yum 🙂

5. Dinner’s served! What’s the first thing you put on your plate?

a. BBQ chicken- you and your friends love it so why not? 

b. Super Spicy steamed broccoli- you’ve never had it before but it looks pretty good!

c. Fried Alligator- might as well add some ketchup on top too! 


You are a sailboat!

You are super organized and easy going, and when wind comes your way, you let it fill your sails and push you forward! ⛵️


You are a motorboat!

You are super outgoing and powerful! Even the biggest waves can’t keep you from getting to your destination 🙂


You are a party yacht!

You are a super relaxed and lively person who never turns down the thought of anything fun! Party on 🙂

Thank you so much for reading guys and if you have ideas for any other blog posts I should do, please leave a comment down below! Thanks again guys 😇💗✨

Bye 👋🏼

Signed, Morgan 🤪



I always loved writing so that's why I decided to make a blog. When I'm not flipping at gymnastics you can find me typing on my blog or whipping up some baked goods. Hope you stay in touch with my blog and you can join me for all the fun posts! :)

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