Morgan’s Potterwatch: Which Hogwarts House Are You In?

Hey guys,it’s Morgan! Welcome back to my blog! Today we are going to find out what Hogwarts House you are in! I really love Harry Potter and just a month ago I finished the books so, I thought this would be fun to do because I love them so much. This is how you do the quiz.

 Answer all the questions below and at the bottom of each question I wrote how many points for the letter you answered.  Add up those points once you finish the quiz and see what you get.

So let’s get started! 

1. What is your ideal Friday night?

a. Having friends over to watch a movie

b. Reading a book in your room

c. Watch scary videos and movies

d. Sneak out to a party

Points: a= 10    b= 20    c= 30    d= 40

2. About how many friends do you have?

a. 1-2. I’m more focused on my grades/ work

b. 3-4 close friends and then some others

c. 0. 

d. I have tons! I can’t even count how many I have

Points: a=20    b=30    c=40     d=10

3. Would you say you do/did well in school?

a. No, not really.

b. Yes, reasonably well, but I’m more focused on friendship

c. I do very well in school and I am one of the smartest in my grade

d. Yes, I get mostly A+’s and B’s

Points: a=40    b=10    c=20     d=30

4.  Which of these traits best describe you?

a. Brave

b. Cunning

c. Loyal

d. Intelligent

Points: a=30      b=40        c=10       d=20

5. The Sorting Hat considers your opinion, so what house do you like most?

a. Ravenclaw

b. Hufflepuff

c. Griffindor

d. Slytherin

Points: a=20    b=10     c=30    d=40


                                                             Add up all your points!

                                                    If you got 50-80 points you are a…

                                                  If you got 90-110 points you are a…

                                                   If you got 120-160 points you are a…

                                                  If you got 170-200 points you are a…

Thanks for reading this blog post and tell me in the the comments which house did you get? P.S. I got Ravenclaw and Griffindor

Signed, Morgan

16 thoughts on “Morgan’s Potterwatch: Which Hogwarts House Are You In?

  1. I got Gryffindor! I usually get Ravenclaw though. This quiz gave me a score right between the two! Both are pretty cool houses 🙂

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