Morgan’s Craft Corner: DIY Page Markers

Hey guys, it’s Morgan! Welcome back to my blog!  Today I will be showing you how to make DIY page markers. So, if you like to read ( like me ) you can just slip them right on to the corner of the page you’re on to save your page. Plus they work better than bookmarks because they don’t slip out of your book when you close them. So, let’s get started! The things you need are:

  • A piece of paper ( The color is your choice )
  • markers
  • Scissors

First cut your piece of paper into a square. Then fold it into a triangle. After you fold it into a triangle, take the top corner and fold it down to the bottom of the triangle. Then, take the two remaining corners and fold them under the paper. To customize, you can use the markers and draw whoever you want on them like Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker.

I hope you liked this tutorial and if you have any suggestions for My Craft Corner, email me and will get started with your idea right away! Signed, Morgan.

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