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Morgan’s Week of Valentine’s Day Fun Smart Science: Creating Some Great Chemistry for Valentine’s Day

Hi guys! Today on Smart Science we are making CO2 ( a.k.a. carbon dioxide ). So here are the things you need :

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • A bowl


But first, here are some answers to some questions you might have about carbon dioxide:

What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is a gas with no color and with a small odor. It makes up .03 percent of our air. To read more about CO2 visit this link.

Is carbon dioxide found in any common items?

Yes! It’s actually what makes your soda or seltzer bubbly. Carbon dioxide is forced into the soda or seltzer using pressure and it dissolves. But later it turns back into a gas and becomes the bubbles that make your drink fizz.

Now let’s get back to talking about how to make CO2:

Step 1: First, Fill the bowl a quarter of the way up with baking soda. Next add a bit of vinegar until…it bubbles up! Those bubbles are your CO2!

Why does this happen? Well…I can tell you! In short, it is a chemical reaction because baking soda is a base and vinegar is an acid, so when you combine them they react. (If you want to learn more about acids and bases visit this link.)

Thank you for reading my post on carbon dioxide! If you have any science experiments you would like me to try, email me and I will start experimenting right away!

Stay tuned for day 3 of my Valentine’s Day week!

Signed, Morgan



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