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Stellar Stuff: Crazy Cool Fashion

Hi guys! Today I will be showing you some crazy cool fashion! If you are looking for some new stuff to get, this is your chance. So let’s get started!

  1.  S Lights by Sketchers. You should check out these awesome shoes! The outsole of the shoe lights up a bunch of different colors. I believe they have to go on a charger and they can die when you are wearing them, but other than that, not too shabby! There is a button inside of the shoe to turn on the colors and you can do different colors on each shoe too. I hope you check them out but keep in mind these are boys shoes so if you’re a girl you might need to order a different size than you usually do.sneaker

2.Should I Have a Donut? Graphic Tee by: Justice. Cause who doesn’t like DONUTS?! This shirt is full of detail and looks amazing!



3.Pizza party pajamas also by Justice, So CUTE! On the pants they have mini pizzas and a few times say “PIZZA PARTY!”.  Hope you check out the link!



I hope you liked my list of crazy cool fashion! If you have any products you would like me to review let me know by emailing me!

Signed, Morgan


I always loved writing so that's why I decided to make a blog. When I'm not flipping at gymnastics you can find me typing on my blog or whipping up some baked goods. Hope you stay in touch with my blog and you can join me for all the fun posts! :)

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